We all know staying hydrated is vital for our health and to feel our best, especially as the weather gets warmer here in South-East Queensland. Hydration is also key to assisting our body’s detoxification processes and providing the electrolyte and hydration balance that keeps our tissues functioning effectively. 

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it is getting, consequently making function of most organs more difficult. 

Symptoms of dehydration include:

💧 Headaches

💧 Dizziness & light-headedness

💧 Low blood pressure

💧 Dry mouth


Many of us have felt dehydrated before, but what are the impacts of dehydration on the body?

💧 Heat injury – intense exercise without enough water can potentially result in heat cramps, heatstroke or heat exhaustion 

💧Urinary and kidney problems – limited water makes the kidney’s job very difficult possibly resulting in kidney stones and UTI’s

💧 Intense headache/migraine

💧Impact on joints and mobility – hydration lubricates the joints, helps muscle tension and delivers oxygen throughout the body, the absence of water makes optimal muscle and joint function challenging


Dehydration of only 2% of body mass can impair cognitive function and increase perception of fatigue. 

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