Here at Tribe, we are huge advocates for boosted magnesium intake, whether through supplements or increased intentional food intake.

Magnesium is one of the best products in aiding muscle recovery, consequently helping release tension, reduce pain and contribute to injury prevention. Involved in more than 300 chemical reactions within the body, it plays a significant role in enzyme functions, muscle and nerve function and reaction, regulating blood pressure and supporting the immune system. 

Benefits of magnesium:

→ Reduced muscle tension

→ Boost exercise performance

→ Improved energy 

→ Lower blood pressure

→ Anti-inflammatory benefits 

→ Can help prevent migraines

→ Can improve PMS symptoms 

→ Supports many chemical reactions allowing optimal body function 

In addition to how beneficial magnesium is, its ease of consumption and absorption is quick, easy, and effective through foods such as:

🎃 Pumpkin seeds

🥜 Nuts – almonds, cashews, peanuts 


🧆Black beans 

🥔 Potato

🍚 Brown rice

🍌 Banana

🐟 Salmon

Magnesium also offers many benefits when used externally in a magnesium salts bath. Highly recommended by health and sports professionals globally, magnesium baths offer muscle recovery, repair, and relaxation to help your body build strength and minimise injury risk. Boost your magnesium intake and feel the difference in your energy, muscle tension and focus.