The Pelvis and the vertebral column is classified as your SPINAL ENGINE!

Without your spine and pelvic girdle joints moving to their full range of motion, your ability to walk without back, neck or hip pain is not possible.

Just like an automobile engine, every part must do its job otherwise the vehicle does not move smoothly (sometimes not at all when you turn the key).

The spine and pelvis is made up of many moving parts that allow kinetic (moving) energy build up which is then expressed by the legs and arms that propel our body forward.

If a spinal ligament, disc, spinal muscle or spinal muscle tendon attached to a pelvis or spinal bone is injured, a person cannot usually walk without pain or as efficiently as they regularly would.

Therefore, like an A grade mechanic diagnosing the exact part of the engine that is malfunctioning, an A grade chiropractor will find the malfunctioning part of the spine or pelvis, adjust the part that is not working and restore normal functioning over time. 

Restoring normal spinal function is a process, and all processes take time due to the complexity of the human body and the fact that we cannot get regular spare parts like a mechanic.

Having regular chiropractic adjustments at Tribe Chiropractic, engaging in regular exercise (brisk walking with swinging arms and legs), regular appropriate rest, and nutritious food, your spinal engine will last long past its warranty period (Gratcovetsky, 1988).