Did you know that the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body?

The shoulder is made of up; 

💪 the shoulder blade that moves about on the back of the rib cage, 

💪 the collar bone which attaches the shoulder blade to the sternum (central part of the rib cage),

💪 the ball and socket joint which is made up of the upper arm bone which sits on the outside edge of the shallow cup on the shoulder blade and just under the roof of the joint made up of the collar bone and top of the shoulder blade.

This is what makes up the whole shoulder complex and gives it so much freedom of movement!

The ball and socket joint (shoulder) floats in between these structures!!!

 The rotator cuff muscles keep the ball and socket joint in the optimal position.

 When this space narrows, pain is experienced when lifting the arm whether that be out to the front, side or behind.

 SO!! To find the root cause of the problem with the shoulder joint, specific diagnosis is essential!!

 Things that can alter the above interplay of the shoulder and inhibit freedom of movement can have many causes…

  1. Prolonged bad posture
  2. Trauma/injury to one of the many bones that make up the joint
  3. Age related factors (calcium build up of tissue that makes up the joint, previous injuries that have not healed sufficiently) etc!
  4. Not enough movement in all the planes of possible movement (more circular smooth arcs of movement).

Are you wanting the most accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment?